Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pork, Scallops, Mango, Ginger and Veggies Stirfry

This was delicious, mixing six of my wife's favorite ingredients - pork, scallops, mango, carrots, snow peas, and ginger. Not sure if this is technically "saute" or "stirfry." The heat was high, but no oil was used. Great stuff regardless. I may have overcooked the scallops by adding them to early. I think adding the scallops last will correct the error. Serve with rice.

Special thanks go out to the Trader Joe's freezer aisle. I used the frozen mango because I had the bag, but would consider using fresh mango pieces in the future. I love using the Dorot brand herbs from the TJ's freezer. They're fresh cut herbs frozen into tiny ice cube trays, and super easy.


1 1/4 lbs center-cut pork chops ( 4 thin, boneless pieces)
1 lb bag of Trader Joe's frozen scallops, defrosted (the small ones)
1 bag of Trader Joes frozen mango chunks
4 large carrots, sliced
1 ginger root, peeled and chopped
1 handfull of snowpeas
Unspecified volumes of White Wine Vinegar (WWV) and Soy Sauce
2-3 cubes each of Dorot frozen basil and garlic

1. Peel outer layer off ginger root. Drop whole naked ginger into mini-prep food processor to chop until pulverized.

2. Slice pork chops and carrots to small scallop-sized pieces. Set carrots aside.

3. Mix ginger in bowl with scallops and pork. Add WWV and soy sauce to marinate. I used just enough to coat meat so the ginger sticks to the pieces (instead of floating in a wetter marinade). Marinade for about an hour.

4. Set skillet to high heat with a little WWV in pan. Add carrots and ginger-coated pork pieces (leave scallops in marinade), stir to brown both sides.

Note: I accidentally overcooked the scallops by adding at this point. I think it should instead go in this order...

5. Add snow peas and frozen mango chunks. The pan should start to sizzle again once the mango defrosts.

6. Add the Dorot basil and garlic cubes, stir until melted and mixed throughout pan.

7. Add scallops and remaining marinade. Cook on high for about 3 minutes.

8. Cover and simmer on low (or no heat) for another couple minutes.

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